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Little Monkey Signers is Brighton and Hove’s newest baby signing group, and is fast becoming one of the most innovative, fun and rewarding classes in East Sussex.


‘Poppy and I have really enjoyed coming to these classes, watching her focus and interact is lovely. Already Poppy is signing for her milk and understands the meaning of other signs when I use them and she is only 11months.’ (Lindsay, Poppy’s mum)

‘Leila has been using lots of signs and it’s really helped her to be able to communicate when she wants food, drink or milk, or for me to say we’re going in the car, home or to the park. Thank you, Leila is really happy signing and we’re really enjoying communicating with her.’ (Amina, Leila’s mum)

‘Erisa really enjoyed her time here. Great atmosphere. We learnt a lot. I will let all my friends know about the course.’ (Sara, Erisa’s mum)

‘This has been a wonderful course. Layla loves all the puppets and music, plus it gives us both something to practise in the week. We’ll be coming back!’ (Clair, Layla’s mum)

‘My little one just adores her little monkeys class and especially the teacher. We’re so pleased that we have booked a second term.’ (Riona)

‘Such an amazing course. Little Monkey Signers is the highlight of our week. Both Daisy and I have had such a wonderful time. Thank you Juliet- your enthusiasm and energy is infectious!’ (Lucinda, Daisy’s mum)

‘My daughter has been doing loads of the signs and it really has helped her to communicate more effectively with me. She has even invented a few signs of her own. She has really enjoyed the classes. Thanks.’ (Sylvie)

‘Very good, Jake has got more into it as the course progressed – hence our return! Thanks.’ (Pru, Jake’s mum)

‘What a brilliant course! My daughter really enjoyed it.’

‘Loved the course – I will recommend you to my friends!’ (Sylvia, Noey’s mum)

‘We really enjoyed Little Monkeys. This is our second term and Oliver has really started to sign. It’s fantastic to see him communicating. He loves the classes and is so excited when we get to the class. He also loves Jules who is fantastic with the babies. I would highly recommend anyone to do this course.’ (Laura, Oliver’s mum)

‘We’ve both really enjoyed the class and looking forward to next term! Lots of variety and fun.’ (Hayley, Alice’s mum)

‘Love Little Monkey Signers. Love that we learn BSL. Slightly concerned that Arran is learning faster than his mummy! Still we’re both doing the course again so I hope to catch up with my 13month old! Thank you.’ (Cat, Arran’s mum)

‘This has been my daughter’s favourite class. She loves the songs, which we often sign at home. We can’t wait to repeat the class next term!’ (Josie, Robin’s mum)

‘This is my son’s favourite activity of the week! He loves the puppets and music and is having great fun practising his signs at home. Thank you.’ (Sophie, William’s mum)

‘We really enjoyed this course and will be back next term! Many thanks!’ (Abi, Jess’s mum)

"We loved doing the course so much we did it 3 times! It was so amazing watching Monty's communication skills develop- he could sign "Where's Daddy/Mummy/sister" long before he could speak! Now his language is coming along brilliantly, because he knows that things have names. Give your baby a head start- sign with them!" (Coralie, Monty's mum)

"We have had such a great time doing this course. It has helped us to communicate at home and i love being able to communicate with my daughter at such an early age. We will be back with the next one! Thanks Juliet." (Beata, Tahlia's mum)

"Great fun, great songs, baby totally loves! Thank you." (Cheryl, Saffron's mum)

"We both really enjoy the classes and it is such a joy to see Jemima using some of the signs to express herself now. I would definitely recommend little Monkey Signers to friends." (Lucinda, Jemima's mum)

“Juliet combines energetic enthusiasm, fabulous bright props, and easy to follow structured learning to create a great course and a feast for the senses. The course has been extremely rewarding and fantastic fun. We’ve looked forward to our Wednesday morning Little Monkey Signers even after a night of teething and no sleep, if that hasn’t kept us away, then it must be good! I wasn’t sure which course to choose but I’m so glad I chose this one.” (Abi, Summer’s mum)

“Baby signing brings me joy and pride. Joy that Noa can sign and lets me know what she wants or sees exactly without me trying to guess what she wants, and pride that this little mind absorbs and learns so much so fast. She is even making up signs by herself now. It’s a joy to see her face light up when she sees Mano the Monkey, or Bel the Bird come out to play. We both love this class… the best place to learn baby signing from a professional, to meet new friends and have fun with your baby.” (Efrat, Noa’s mum)

“Little Monkey Signers combines creative learning with a fun party! Highly original…stimulating for both of us. The bond that has grown as Joe and I sign to each other is immeasurable.” (Paul, Joe’s dad)

“Little Monkey Signers is a great signing group to join and provides an excellent learning environment for both child and carer.” (Emily, Matilda’s nanny)

“I love this class because it is stimulating for me too, and it’s a joy to see how my son responds to the puppets and songs.” (Lucy, Miles’ mum)

“Great puppets! Great energy! And a good learning environment.” (Claire, Joe’s mum)

‘Rufus has really enjoyed it….. I’d love him to come again and again and again!! THANK YOU! (Ruth, Rufus’ mum)

‘Thank you… have really enjoyed it ….. Jude has got a lot from it’ (Nicola, Jude’s mum)

‘Alannah and Darcy love the course – and I do! Lovely learning environment’ (Suzanna, Alannah & Darcy’s mum)

‘Lovely group. Reuben loves the music and gets excited as soon as he recognises the first song each week. He definitely knows that hands can be used to communicate now which is great. Thank you.’ (Erin, Reuben’s mum)

‘Really love it and glad to have found you. Your enthusiasm is really inspiring. Thank you.’ (Paula, Maya’s mum)

‘Evie and I look forward to baby signing every week. Evie is at her happiest during the class.’ (Larissa, Evie’s mum)

‘Thank you it was amazing!’ (Ilona, Thomas’ mum)

‘Olivia has loved each class…..we would recommend to anyone.’ (Lindsay, Olivia’s mum)

‘The class has been great for Betty… has helped with communication….she joins in fully and enjoys every minute!’ (Sally, Betty’s mum)

‘Excellent fun, I would recommend it to any mum.’ (Louise, Peter’s mum)

‘We really enjoyed the course and appreciated your energy and enthusiasm.’ (Suzanna, Lucy’s mum)

‘Really enjoyed it - we’ll be coming next term!’ (Laura, Sia’s mum)

‘We have thoroughly enjoyed the course (twice!) has really helped with Mia’s communication. She did her first sign ‘bird’ at 10mths and now at 16mths she does loads…….she has even got the whole family signing. It’s so rewarding when you can understand a baby and they can understand you. We would like to do another course and keep learning! (Coralie, Mia’s mum)

‘Thank you so much for making our Wednesday mornings so enjoyable. We’ve learnt more than we thought we would ever learn in a term. We are very sad we can’t join you next term but mum has to go back to work. Thank you so much again!’ (Caroline, Orla’s mum)

‘Great! We’re coming back for more. Oscar loves the signing and now signs when he wants a nappy change!’ (Clare, Oscar’s mum)

‘Brilliant, has been very useful. Che really loves to sign and started to sign ‘milk’ at 8 mths. Now she is learning more signs – she enjoys communicating with them.’ (Monique, Che’s mum)

‘Both Ava and I have thoroughly enjoyed the course. At 11 mths she started signing ‘milk’ and is beginning to sign other things too – very exciting!’ (Amy, Ava’s mum)

‘Thank you lots of fun, entertaining and great to improve communication with my daughter’ (Becky, Esmee’s mum)

Excellent course, we have repeated 3 times! Holly has loved the sessions and she now signs all the time! We have found it invaluable in our household. Thank you.’ (Lorraine, Holly’s mum)

‘Great course! Very comprehensive!’ (Claire, James’ mum)

‘Hazel has enjoyed the course, as have I. Very energetic and fun!’ (Hannah, Hazel’s mum)

‘Great course – keep practising at home!’ (Sarah, daisy’s mum)

‘We’ve had a lovely time…see you again next term! Thanks’ (Esther, Godwin’s mum)

‘We’ve enjoyed the course a lot. Amelie is slowly picking up the signs which is encouraging… I would recommend you to other mums and attend again if I have another child!’ (Rachel, Amelie’s mum)

‘We’ve had a lovely time learning signs and singing new songs. We’re practising a lot and I’m really looking forward to Beau doing his first signs.’ (Louise, Beau’s mum)

‘We have loved the course. Orissa is now using signing all the time and is teaching Iona. Thanks so much!’ (Linda, Orissa & Iona’s mum)

‘We have both thoroughly enjoyed your course. Really love practising the songs and signs at home!’ (Louise, Hope’s mum)

‘Lively, entertaining sessions using brilliant props!’ (Katherine, Malachy’s mum)

‘Ophelia and I have loved the class. She is transfixed by the songs, signs and puppets.’ (Ruth, Ophelia’s mum)

‘Excellent! Very useful – thanks so much.’ (Liz, Bella & Becca’s mum)

‘We both really enjoyed it. Not just for mums – dads encouraged!’ (Mathew, Isaac’s dad)

‘We have both really enjoyed the course and sad it’s come to an end. Bel the bird was a firm favourite. The course has given me a great understanding of BSL and I hope to go on and learn more. Thank you for making our Wednesday mornings so enjoyable.’ (Caroline, Orla’s mum)

‘Great energy you really gave it 100% every session!’ (Michelle)

‘Ellie has picked up lots of signs now and is communicating with them – a great help!’ (Maria, Ellie’s mum)

‘This course has been so useful. The whole family can communicate with Aneurin and understand what he wants, and Aneurin gets to join in with family conversations too. Thank you.’ (Justine, Aneurin’s mum)

‘We loved it and we will be back for more! Thank you!’ (Alicia, Rory’s mum)

‘Great course! Lucas loved every minute of it, in particular the puppets and he recognises the key signs. I would definitely recommend this course.’ (Rosella, Lucas’s mum)

‘Really enjoy the energy, pace and clarity of your sessions. Coming back for more! Many thanks.’ (Julie, Ada’s mum)

‘William has really enjoyed the course so much that I got his grandparents to take him when I went back to work. Now we are all signing with him. He now signs bird, milk, duck, where, and all gone after 1 term.’ (Twiggy, William’s mum)

‘This has been a thoroughly enjoyable way to learn baby signing. Fun, music and action packed classes! I highly recommend the course…I’m gonna do it again!’ (Ritz, Arun’s mum)

‘Daisy has loved coming to Little Monkey signers – the songs and puppets are brilliant. Would love to do it again but sadly I’ll be back at work.’ (Bex, Daisy’s mum)

I came with Isaac (1yr) and Kai (4yrs) – both really enjoyed the course. Have seen Issac’s progress and he signs at home for animals and food. Really like the structure of the course and the songs.’ (Gwyneth, Kai and Isaac’s mum)

‘Really enjoyable! Luke loved it. Lots of singing and puppets. My daughter Amelie loved it too and she is 3yrs.’ (Hannah, Amelie and Luke’s mum)

‘Great course – would recommend to anyone. Alfie really enjoyed the puppets and songs and his signing has really developed enabling him to communicate with us more easily.’ (Lucy, Alfie’s mum)

‘This course has been great. Angus has started making the milk sign and a thumbs up too! Thanks for the tips and advice Juliet’ (Lel, Angus’s mum)

Places on the course are limited, so for more information about Little Monkey Signers, or to reserve your place on the next course contact Juliet:

Tel: 01273 727088   

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