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On a Little Monkey Signers course you will learn signs based on British Sign Language (BSL).
BSL is the official language of the British Deaf Community and is a standardised sign language. BSL is a complete language in it's own right.

A few of the signs we teach (e.g. 'Milk') are modified BSL signs to suit little hands. When we use baby sign with hearing babies we use our voices simultaneously with the signs to encourage speech development (unlike BSL, which is used without voice) . With baby sign we use key signs and do not sign every word that we speak.

Using signs from a standardised sign language means that signs are taught consistently so mum, dad, carers, siblings, grandparents and friends will all be able to join in. Also, by learning to use BSL signs you and your little one are learning a recognised second language which can encourage links and integration between hearing and deaf communities.

And don't worry, if your memory isn't quite what it used to be - signs are reinforced in so many different ways, and recapped from week to week - so you won't be able to forget!

Structured, yet informal, teaching. Maximum learning with maximum fun!


Our program supports SureStart's 'Birth to Three Matters Framework', which encourages little ones to become skilful communicators.

“Although most infants do not learn to talk until their second year, their voices are there for us to hear from birth.” Rouse Selleck (1995).

Signing with your baby can help him or her to make sense of your communications and find a voice of their own through their hands.


Small groups (max 12 parents & 12 babies) to ensure maximum learning and a safe, secure environment. Each class will run for 40minutes, finishing with 20 mins for refreshments and social time for the parents, and playtime for the babies. So there'll be plenty of opportunity to make new friends too.


Sessions follow a weekly theme (e.g. pets, mealtimes, bedtime, farm visit) so you can then use signs in context with your baby at home or out and about.
You'll also meet Mano, our adorable signing monkey, who will entertain you, introduce the weekly theme and guide you through new signs and his favourite songs and rhymes.

Although structure and repetition are central to our sessions (in order to allow babies (and parents!) to predict), each class has a distinctly different treat in store. Adults are encouraged to actively join in with everything. Your baby of course may be more free-spirited and is free to participate at will!

We want you and your baby to have loads of fun, while your confidence in communicating through sign with your baby grows.
What's more, having a teacher with an advanced level of signing means we can help you follow the needs and interests of your baby even if it's not on the curriculum!

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