Baby sign Brighton. Little Monkey Signers. Baby signing for hearing and deaf babies, East Sussex, UK As early as six months, your baby knows what he wants - and he would tell you too if only he could talk babies can make signs to let you know what they’re thinking. So the earlier you start, the earlier you can talk to your baby. Baby signing was developed for hearing babies and hearing parents. However, it is also useful with deaf and hearing-impaired children based on established sign language, child behaviour experts also recommend it for use with special needs children.
Your baby will be capable of learning signs from the age of six months your baby starts to sign. This is due to the need for your baby to develop memory and co-ordination to recognize, remember and make the signs. However, it is never too late to start signing. 
All babies are different and several factors will dictate the time it takes for your baby to start to sign. The consistent use of a few signs on a daily basis has proved to be a key method for success. Brighton, East Sussex. They will be able to start learning signs from as young as six months
It can take a while for a baby to become confident enough to sign but as long as you keep reinforcing the signs during your daily routine your baby will start to sign. Baby signing is communication using signs and facial expression, along with everyday speech Baby sign is used with all babies deaf or hearing. Baby Sign simply extends baby's natural ability to communicate with gestures and facial expression Brighton, East Sussex. Learn how to communicate with your hearing or deaf baby through baby sign.

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Brighton and Hove's only independent Baby Signing group.

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Little Monkey Signers is a fresh, fun and funky parent and baby group for little monkeys aged 6 to 18mths old.
Based in Brighton and Hove, our sessions combine baby sign with: fun, original puppets, fun, songs, dance, instruments, fun, play, props, fun, dressing up, and rhymes. Oh, and did we mention fun…?!
We at Little Monkey Signers believe in carefully structured teaching & learning with a party atmosphere - so you and your little monkey are guaranteed a fabulous time!

Joe signs "MILK"


Baby signing is sweeping across the UK, and it is no wonder why. Baby signing with hearing babies (and of course deaf babies) works. It provides you and your family with the very earliest of ways to communicate with your little one.

With time, perseverance and a little patience baby sign will give you a window into the mind of your baby. Long before they can speak, they can talk with their hands!

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We're new, we're different, we're funky.
Little Monkey Signers aims to lead the way in Baby Sign through it's original style, it's expertise of teaching, and it's interactive, multi-sensory approach - puppets, songs, rhymes, dance, stories and theatrical surprise. All tailor made to delight the senses of both you and your child.
And let's face it - where else can you learn the Funky Monkey Dance?!

In the research and development of our course and resources, we have used the advice and experience of professionals from the worlds of primary and deaf education, theatre, writing, art, music, puppetry and, most importantly, Mums!

Each Little Monkey Signers session provides you and your little one with endless fun and excitement, whilst at the same time teaching useful themed signs.

Little Monkey Signers is an inclusive group welcoming all babies: hearing, deaf and those with special needs.

Come and turn your little monkey into a Little Monkey Signer…